Upscale Old Sweaters to Socks, Legwarmers, Arm Warmers, Skirts, Hats, Gloves, and Ear Warmers

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DIY Sweater to skirt tutorial From Dana's Fashion Blog
I am currently in love with the idea of turning my old sweaters and knee high socks into layers and skirts.  Living in MN you learn to use layers to add variety and use you fall/ spring clothes longer.
So far I have made a cute drawstring lace skirt from a merino wool sweater  and a ruffled lacy legwarmer from the same sweater with working buttons. Both are pictured below. You can find both in my Etsy shop Ornute.
Up cycled Sweater Leg warmers with lace and working buttons: Ornute
 For my sweater skirt I decided to add wide lace to make it cuter and to add length.  I also liked the ideal of the ribbing as a drawstring waist as opposed to the hem.  So I changed it up from the tutorial from Dana from Fashion Blog pictured above.  If following her tutorial I would suggest finishing the edge of the sweater with a zigzag stitch as opposed to glueing it.  My experience has been that fabric glue does not hold up forever and if the ends unravel the skirt will likely be ruined.  Don't know how to sew?  No problem take our free sewing school.

Check out my lacy comfy drawstring sweater skirt made from Merino wool.  Also pictured are my hand knit boot toppers from recycled cotton and angora yarn from a sweater: Ornute 
Sweaters to Leggings: by Lex Designs (site is no longer there)
I can't wait to go to the thrift store for old sweaters. (Side note when buying any clothes from the thrift store keep it in a tightly closed plastic bag until washed.  Wash it on hot if possible. if not leave it in the dryer on high.  Why you ask?  Bed bugs!  You never know...better safe then sorry.)  I have often been excited to wear my fall clothes only to want to cry at the thought of wearing jeans, sweater, and boots again.  After all it's only been what I've been wearing for the last 3 months..... I do live in MN after all. I started changing it up a few years ago and added sweater dresses to my wardrobe with sweater leggings and winter was so much better....  This year I plan to add lots of sweater skirts and leggings made from thrifted sweaters.
Knee Socks to Arm Warmers: Tutorial by Runaway DIY

I'm so excited to finally know what to do with my old knee high socks.   I have been keeping a few that have holes or are to thin because they're nice (and expensive) wool socks.  I always knew I'd come up with something to make out of them. I'll post all mine soon when I make them!

Tutorial from Lazy Saturdays

 You can make mittens, a hat, and ear warmers from one sweater?  Shut up!  How cool is that?  I love that the mittens go to her elbows. 

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