7 Free One Skein Chunky Knitting Patterns That Knit up Fast. Great For Gifts and Beginners!

Sorry it's been so long since I've posted!  I've been busy working on turning my attic into my craft studio/ office(more to come on that in the Summer we are in the planning stages right now),  and working on creating things for my Etsy shop Ornute.  So I've basically been sewing and knitting up a storm lately.


Best of Free Printable Tags/ Labels For Handmade Gifts

Check out this free printable tag for your hand knit or crochet gifts from Cobberson & CO
 It's now the perfect time to start making any Christmas gifts you are planning.  And while you are at it why not start thinking about the packaging.  I was looking on pinterest for ideals and found that many free printable tags for handmade gifts are no longer there.  Most of the links were broken.  This left me compelled to share the few great ones I found that in fact do actually link to free pdf you can print.  Yea!


How to Contour For Your Face Shape

Image via makeup artist Samer Khouzami
 Growing up I loved playing with make-up.  I had a rather extensive selection and was made up nearly every day in a creative new way that coordinated with my outfit.  Years ago I stopped making myself up so much and settled on one or two looks I usually wore, natural, red lips no eye makeup, or cat eye (eye liner only) with light lips  Then a few years ago I started learning about all the bad chemicals around us especially in our personal products ( lotion, shampoo, make-up, etc).  And I threw out nearly all my make-up and personal products and replaced them with all natural products. 

Lesson 11: How to Read a Sewing Pattern Envelope

Image from  Sweet Briar Sisters

Hi Everyone!  If your following this class, good to see you back again.  If your new welcome to the class! If you need to catch up you can see at the bottom of this post or click here to what our prior lessons were if you need to catch up  Today we are going to learn about how to read a sewing pattern.  Next lesson we will look at what's in the pattern envelope (reading the instructions, and understanding the patterns themselves).

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