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Check out the tutorial for this cut out t-shirt by Boat People
There's nothing sexier than a cut out back for summer.  And it transitions well into fall.  I know that seems forever away sitting here in MN with a 110 degree heat index.  But having been in fashion retail for over a decade you get use to thinking ahead.  In a month stores (even in the south) will start getting coats in!  So I'm trying to make things I can wear now and for the next few months.  You could easily layer these tops with a fun colored tank top, t-shirt, or long sleeve shirt.  Or just wear it bear for a sexy surprise.
Check out Runway DIY's Tutorial for this cut out skull ts-hirt
Fellt Shreaded Hearts (above) jack and jill (below) via A Pair and a Square
Making cut out t-shirts is such an easy DIY!  I love easy quick DIY's it's nice to come up with an ideal and wear it the next day.  I also love the element of surprise of having a basic outfit but with a surprise when you turn around.  This is right up my alley my style is classic, comfortable, wearable, with a subtle surprising twist. It makes me think about how a Geisha revealing her unpainted  neck was considered sexy.  Less isn't always more sexy, it's the element of surprise that is.

 The above photo would be an easy DIY, just cut across the back of a baggy t shirt and either leave the edges raw or turn under with a sewing machine and secure it on the sides by tacking (backstitching in place).
Gretchen at a Pair and a Square made her own version out of a button down shirt.  Check out her tutorial.

The above picture of the button down top I think would be harder to DIY because it's made out of woven materials, but looks so cool it would be worth the work!
made by Tess of TShreads

I love this torn back on an Aerosmith t-shirt that was sold on Etsy and made by Tess.  The question is could I figure out how to make it?  And check out some of her other pieces (below), they're all really cool.  At least you can buy some of her creations from her if you don't want to DIY it.  She is truly a t-shirt shreading artist! I love the variety of ways she came up with shreading.
made by Tess of TShreads
made by Tess of TShreads
made by Tess of TShreads
made by Tess of TShreads
This video shows you how to shread a tshirt into cool designs.  I think this would help in replicating Tshreads designs featured here. ©Oh You Crafty Gal! 2011-2012 All rights reserved.

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  1. I love the ones with the multiple rows of cuts and twisted together in the middle!

  2. Love Love Love! Amazing. can't decide between the fierce cross or the diamon pattern... ♥♥♥


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