Fashion Designer Betsey Johnson's Sold NYC Penthouse

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Betsey Johnson in her home she has sold
I've always loved fashion designer Betsey Johnson for her unpretentious.  This girl is all about fun.  Her style is sexy, feminine, playful, bright, and full of pop culture.  Her fashion shows are far from the ordinary, and sometimes fave a fun unexpected theme like in fall 2000 when she had Playboy Bunnies as her models.  She's also known for doing a cartwheel at the end of her show.  That's right girlfriend has some balls and energy for being 70!  I'd be terrified to try that on stage with the press.  My luck I'd fall flat on my face. I've heard good things about her second hand from a classmate that interned with her years ago.  It sounds like she treats her interns nice and doesn't have the ego some designers have that I've heard about from other classmates internships and old teachers that were employed by some well known designers.  The worst I heard about was Anna Sui and Donna Karen.  A fellow student of mine who interned at Anna Sui said Anna wouldn't even speak directly to anyone.  Her staff could only communicate with her through that's a little weird if you ask me!
With a designer who has as a distinct style as Betsey Johnson you have to wonder what her home look like.  So I found pics of her penthouse in NYC that she has since sold.  It looks just like I'd imagine her home!  Her Greenwich Village penthouse has two bedrooms 1,660 sq ft , and 1,000 sq ft of outdoor space, and sold for almost $1.9 million.  You can check out the original listing here.
Betsey in her home top left (photos Elle Decor UK)
So I know this might be too much pink for some people, I think pink can make a great statement, just not for the whole house.  But hey it's Betsey, it's her style (which she is famous for), what do you expect?  I think it's a love it or hate it kind of thing.  Probably not the most practical move (to redecorate all pink) before deciding to sell your place, but hey it's Betsey probably not the most practical person I'm guessing.
This apartment was originally listed at $3.6 million and sold for $1.9 million (photos Elle Decor UK)
Betsey's eclectic living room photo Elle Decor UK via Apartment Therapy

her living room at another angle

her de-pinked bathroom (see below pic)
Betsey's Kitchen

Elle Decor UK (August 2007) showed Betsey's Apartment before she remodeled it super pink.  I think it's interesting to see how the same space can look very different by decorating.  I think the space looks very different in the pictures below.  

Apparently she also had a resort that she rented out for $7,500 a week that she calls Betseyville (it appears she has branded this name for her clothing line as well).  As of 2010 it was for sale though so I'm guessing she doesn't own it anymore.  You can find out more about it and see more pics at Fabulous finds Gal or Forbes.
Image found via Hooked on Houses
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