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Check Out Maybe Matilda's Tutorial on Chain and Single Crochet
Well I;m finally a hooker!  Of crochet....that is.  I've finally learned (or should I say re-learned) how to crochet (I've been saying I'd learn for over a year).  I figured it would be a good way to stay busy while I'm trapped inside with the air conditioner blasting.  That way by fall, I'll hopefully have some ideal about what I want to make for winter.  I learned how to single crochet as a young kid from my great aunt, but haven't done it in years.  It's coming back to me pretty easily, luckily.  It's so great that with technology we have so many tools to help us learn.  So I thought I'd share some of the resources I've found helpful in learning how to crochet.
  • Crochet Hooks  Well I had lost my crochet hook I've had since I first learned to crochet so I had to order some hooks to start with.  I wanted aluminum, steel, wood, or bamboo hooks.  I decided to purchase a set from 5/F-15/N of bamboo crochet hooks on Amazon for $13 and free shipping (after I purchased something I was going to anyway).  I figured I might as well buy it online, it's cheaper and saves me time and I might as well spend a few extra bucks and just get a set.

From Crafty Minx Check out her free crochet school
  •  Yarn  I think for just learning any old yarn you can find to practice with will do.  I can tell though it will be an important to learn more about yarn for future projects.  Especially getting familar with fiber type and weight.  You can learn more about yarn by watching a video at craftyminx.  

image from Crafty Minx
Tutorials I Used To Learn How to Chain, Turn, and Single Crochet

I first watched the following video, and found seeing someone do it and then pausing the video and trying it to be helpful.  The only problem is I had a hard time understanding which loops to use.  I feel it's hard to see on a video.  That's where online tutorials are so helpful.  You can see in the above photo some literally point to which loop to use.
                       Learn How to Crochet - Part 1 - Basics for the Absolute Beginner (5 min)

Online Tutorials
I love the tutorial I found on Maybe Matilda she places on needle to show where you need to use your hook next.  Her tutorial is also on just what I'm trying to learn, how to make a chain, turn your work, and single crochet.  

 I also liked the tutorial from Oh You Go Girl posted below.  This one is showing you how to make a crochet pillow case.  It does show you how to chain, turn, and single crochet too.  So maybe this would be a cool first project.  I think it would be cool to make a pillow case with some really soft yarn....my wheels are already turning to much with potential projects.  You should check out my pinterest kitting/crochet board 
it's grown a lot in the last hour.  I want to make way too much stuff already.
Check out You Go Girl's tutorial on how to crochet a pillow case

My Tips
  • Start Loose  I started to tight and had a hard time putting my hook under the right loops or "bumps".
  • Start with a small chain of 10 to 15, so you can see what it will look like in quicker time.
  • once you really get going and can see what it looks like pull it all out and start from scratch again.  You might think you have it only to forget once you try it again without the tutorial.  That's what happened to me when I tried starting over.  I actually found out that I was doing it wrong initial as well!
  • Watch multiple videos while learning a new stitch.   Every video I watched seem to add something new not in the other videos. 
via obey crochet
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