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For those of you following my sewing school I plan to resume lessons in a few weeks, right now I'm focusing on teaching my non virtual sewing class and I'm taking a wood working class, planting my garden, etc.  But I still have time to dream of fashion!
 My latest obsession is lace. For some reason lace and really girly clothes scream spring to me.  If you follow this blog you know I love to change up my wardrobe each season with simple DIY accessories and refashions of my wardrobe. I mean why buy a new wardrobe each season?  But I do get bored with my clothes from time to time.  So I think for spring I will have fun with lace.  I love the above dress with the lace cross back detail This would be an easy refashion to an old dress.  All you would have to do is cut out the top of a dress above the bust line and create the straps at the shoulder to be longer enough to cross the back.  You would also need to open up the back of course too.

Elizabeth Colleta via Oh The Lovely Things
Above is some ideas for adding lace detail to the back of your tops or dresses.  Both would be easy DIY's especially the top from Libby's Story.  Another great ideal is to insert lace into sleeves.  Check out this  free tutorial from Ali Foster Patterns to find out how.  This would be an easy refashion for old t shirts or thrift finds.  Or you could insert lace trim into old denim cut off shorts like the one pictured below.  This would be a super easy refashion. 
via Oh the Lovely Things
Left: DIY Cardigan  tutorial by two Butterflies  Right: Lace Cardigan tutorial via Strawberry Koi
I love the ideal of adding lace details as a refashion to your existing wardrobe or thrifting finds.  I found great lace cardigan tutorials from  Two Butterflies and Strawberry Koi.  I also found great ideals for adding lace detail pictured below that could be easy DIY's.  Just sew lace up the front of a hoddie on both sides of the zipper, be careful to be even when positioning the lace.  And for the boyfriend sweater, just sew on a doily for the pockets.  If you don't have any doilies you could try thrift stores or estate sales in your area.
left: via spool 72   Right: via Rackuten
 Here's a cool tutorial from Sew Crazy to put in a zipper with lace.  Why didn't i think of that before?
Free tutorial from Me Sew Crazy
I'm so making a camiband.  There is no tutorial here, but seriously do you need one?  If you can sew a seam you can make a camiband.  And if you don't know how to sew just take my free online sewing school.  I love the ideal of using it as a beach cover up.  So many uses!
via camibands
Free lace tutorial from Versus
I haven't forgot about Lace accessories!  Check out this lace belt tutorial from Versus that would make any outfit have antique girly charm.  Think of all the fun you could have with color and patterns.  I think I'll make one with pink and peach with a vintage floral print. I never thought about covering my shoes with lace until I saw this tutorial from How Does She Do It pictured below.  I think it would be fun to try on flats with fun colors like maybe teal and pink.
shoe lace tutorial from How Does She Do It
Last but not least I found a great tutorial from  about inserting lace into fabric.  Oh there is a lot I could do with this.  Let your imagination run wild! ©Oh You Crafty Gal! 2011-2012 All rights reserved.

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