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I have a degree in fashion design, and am currently teaching a sewing class.  I have gathered a lot of great info on the web for my class.  If only they had great info like this when I started to learn (pre-internet)!  Below is the best I have found.  Be sure to also check out our free online sewing class, sewing ideals on our pinterest page, beginning sewing tutorials,  and our sewing videos page.  Happy Sewing!

Tips and Tricks
Fashion Incubator Tutorials: Lots of expert info, especially about jacket making.  
Handy Sewing Articles: From pleats and collars to making a muslin.  
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Sewing Techniques

Seam Finishes
Tutorials for almost every seam finish I can think of

How to sew a fagoted seam (hand sewn)

Bias tape
Understanding Bias and Bias Tape Buttons and Buttonholes
No-Waste Bias Tape
Which is then used to add neat borders to hems.
How to make and apply bias tape 

How to sew piping into a seam
How to make your own piping

Add a Zipper to a Skirt
Fun video from Threadbanger.
Sewing in a Zipper
Very clear and essential how-to.
Zipper Tutorial
Another handy walkthrough.
Exposed Zippers
Perfect for more 'rough' and urban styles.
Sew an invisible zipper with facings
Invisible Zippers
Hidden zips are ideal for use in clothes.
Ruffle, Pleats, Gathering, and Tucks
UK University pdf on tucks, gathering, darts, ease, pleats, shirring 
Gathering Tutorial
Smocked Ruffle Tutorial 
Shirring Tutorial
Adding Ruffles
How to sew frilly ruffles onto clothes.
Ruffles & Pleats
Different ways to sew ruffles and pleats.
Making Pleats
How to create box and inverted pleats.
Box Pleat tutorial
Pintuck Pleats
Corded pintuck
          Make tucks with a twin needle, embroidery floss, and a pintuck foot
Sew Tiny Pintucks
A nice detail to add to clothing 
Opening Up a Buttonhole 

Bound Buttonhole Tutorial


How to finish a sleeveless top without facings

How to finish a sleeveless top with bias tape

Easiest way to put in a sleeve (non conventional and way better)
How to Attach a Sleeve
Easy Sleeves
How to attach sleeves to the main body.
Puff Sleeves 1
Tutorial for sewing gathered sleeves.
Puff Sleeves 2
How to sew puffed up sleeves.
Shorten Sleeves
Making a long sleeved top into a short sleeved top.
Welted Pockets
More advanced pockets for a tailored look.
Pocket Tutorials Galore!
The best place to learn how to do many types of pocket.
Sewing Darts in a Skirt
Where to place darts in a skirt to fit it to the body.
Double Pointed Darts
How to fit a shirt to the body.
The Role of Darts
What darts are for when used in fitted clothing.
Natural Looking Bust Darts
Curved, not pointed, darts for a natural look.
Understitching Tutorial
          Lots of great pics  
Stay Stitching 
Tilly and the Buttons: Stay Stitching
Topstitching tutorial
Threads Mag: tips for better topstiching
topstitching pdf
tools for topstitching

Clipping and Trimming
pdf on how to work with bulk (clipping and trimming)
Princess Seams
PDF on changing darts to Princess Seams
Change Darts into Princess Seams
A useful tutorial if you prefer the look of princess seams.

Perfect Curved Seams
Good technique to know to improve your sewing.
Shirring and Smocking
Smocking Detail
How to go about adding lovely smocking embroidery to a dress.
Shirring How-To
How to sew with elastic. 
Buttoned Shirt Cuff
Button down shirt cuff with placket.
Placket Cuff
Professional cuff style. 
Attaching Linings
Replacing the Lining
How to replace the lining in a coat.
Re-lining a Coat
Another tutorial on replacing coat lining.
Fly Fronts
Sewing a fly front tutorial

Sewing on Snaps
Attaching snap fastenings to clothes.
Elbow Patches
How to add cool patches to the elbows of clothes.
Inserts and Yokes
Basket Weave insert tutorial
How to add a lace yoke
How to sew a blind hem
How to make a scalloped hem

How to make a fabric covered belt
Collar Tutorials
Lots of how-tos for collars on tops.

Reading, Altering, and Making Patterns
How to Make a Pattern
Using existing clothes you have.
Sewing Videos
Different steps of clothes making including pattern cutting.
Patterns Demystified!
All you need to know about the info and markings found on patterns.
Making Your Own Pattern
How to draw out your own pattern on wrapping paper.
DIY Pattern Weights
Make your own easy weights to hold down your pattern pieces.
Easy Pattern Grading
The 'quick and dirty' method!
How to Make a Pattern 
How to Add Seam Allowance: Use just pencils for this clever trick.
How to Draft a Facing

Make Your Tags

Skirt and Dress Patterns

A-Line Skirt Walkthrough
Process from pattern to finished skirt.
Yoked Skirt
Instructions for a gathered skirt.
Skirt Pattern Drafting
Useful step-by-step stages.
Adding a Pleat
A back pleat for more ease of movement.
Dress Heart Cut-Out
Video showing how to add a heart shape cut-out to a dress.
Kasia Skirt
Free pencil skirt pattern which is one of my faves.
How to Make the Perfect Dress
A guide to getting the best dress, with links to free patterns.
Summer Skirt
With deep pockets.
Gathered Skirt
Fashionable skirt which is easy to make.
Easy Full Skirt
Straightforward, pretty skirt.
Coffee Date Dress
A very popular download.
One Seam Skirt
Which can be made in just 30 minutes.
Pleated Skirt
A rough guide to making a cute skirt.
Make a Pencil Skirt
How to plan and make this skirt from scratch.
Paper Bag Dress
Download the pattern for this paper bag ensemble dress.
Easy & Elegant Dress
Very easy dress for beginners.
1 Hour Dress
Basic but pretty asymmetrical dress tutorial.
Floaty Dress
Light and baggy dress with a gathered waist.
Dragon Dress
Tutorial for a really gorgeous dress.
Yoga Skirt
Comfy skirt for toddlers, kids or women.
Simple Paper Bag Skirt
Super easy paper bag (gathered) waist skirt.
Elle Apparel Tutorials
Beautiful clothing how-tos including a pretty lace skirt.
Bubble Skirt
Cute little bubble skirt with an elasticated bottom.
Pencil Skirt
With a walk through of pattern drafting.
Pleated Skirt
Tutorial for a basic skirt with pleats all the way around.
Miranda Skirt
Very pretty pleated skirt.
Pleated Plaid Skirt
Schoolgirl style skirt, ideal for Winter.
DIY Circle Skirts
Full circle skirts are probably the simplest of all skirts.
Socialite Skirt
Lovely everyday skirt which is simple to make.
Maxi Dress
Simple, long-length strapless dress.
The Picnic Dress
Fun, flirty and flattering design.
Candy Sundress
Sweet silk dress with a lovely scalloped neckline.
Chalk Lines Skirt
Smart and professional skirt with white line design.
Raspberry Ripple Dress
Gorgeous layered lace dress
The Peggy Skirt
Cute pleated skirt inspired by Mad Men.
Scalloped Fabric
How to applique very pretty scallops on a skirt.

Other Women's Clothing Tutorials

Women's Clothing Tips
Loads of great tips and patterns.
101 Sewing Tutorials for Summer
 Dressmaking Tutorials
Tips and tutorials for clothes making and altering.
Ruffle Smock Top
A summery top with pleats.
Floaty Tunic
Very simple design but looks lovely.
Beginner's Blouse
Feminine floaty blouse with an easy how-to.
Ruffled Blouse
Adorable blouse for many different occasions.
They're easier to make than you might think.
Men's Shirt to Women's Cap Sleeve Top
Tutorial for refashioning a men's shirt.
Costume Corset
Made with recycled denim.
Cinching Corset
Using recycled plastic for boning.
Make a Corset Pattern
How to work out the measurements yourself.
Corset Assembly
With steel boning.
Swimming Costume Pattern
Free Burdastyle pattern in a lovely style.
Cuffed Shorts
Tutorial on how to sew cuffs on shorts.
Maternity Sewing Roundup
Massive list of clothing how-tos for maternity wear.
One-Piece Swimsuit
Guide to make your own swimming costume.
Corset for the Business Professional
Smart and flattering corset for outerwear.
Slouch Fit T-Shirt
A casual workout tee with cuff sleeves.


Sewing Coats & Jackets

Women's Raincoat
With free printable patterns.
Eva Blazer
Medium length jacket design.
Men's Suit Jacket
Pattern pieces plus instructions.
Stylish Men's Jacket
A pattern for a classic jacket.
Raincoat Walkthrough
The stages of creating a coat from scratch.
Reversible Coat
Draft and sew a custom fit coat.
Coat Sewing Secrets
A couple of tips to make coat sewing easier.
Various Jacket Tutorials
Including sleeve vent and collar how-tos.


Pant Patterns

Pajama Pants
How to sew your own PJ pants.
Pajama Pants
These look really cozy when made from fleece.
Ella Pants
Smart trousers for women.
12 Tutorials
From yoga pants to boys cropped pants.
Easy Breezy Pants
Wide-leg women's wrap pants.
Drawstring Pants
Great for lazing around in.
Pants Fitting Basics
Excellent tips on fitting pants to your shape perfectly.
DIY Silk Trousers
How to turn a large silk scarf into trousers or shorts.


Lingerie Patterns and Tutorials

Bra & Lingerie Patterns
Free to download from Burdastyle.
Bra Making Class
Lots of different steps showing the bra construction.
Make a Breast Form
To make it easier to create a custom bra for yourself.
Reverse Engineering a Bra
Make a bra pattern from a bra you already own.
Bra Making Info
Background details before you start.
More Bra Making Info
Things to know about different materials needed.
How to make a Bra
An in-depth series of fab tutorials.
Bra Instructables
Full instructions for making your own bra.
Briefs 'n' Boxers
Plenty of tutorials for cute undies.
Madeleine Mini Bloomers
Super cute vintage-style knickers.
Make Your Own Panties
How to turn a t-shirt into cute knickers.
Pants Tutorial
Using an existing pair you own i.e. the easy way!
70 Free Lingerie Patterns
Amazing collection of how-tos for every type of lingerie.
Silky Tap Pants
Pretty shorts for wearing at night or under your skirt.

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