Best Ideas to Extend Summer Clothes Into the Fall

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knit these leg warmers from a free pattern here via Falling Stiches

I have been trying to get into fall fashion and try to reevaluate my wardrobe.  I am trying to figure out if I need to take anything in or out and am bringing my fall clothes up from storage and putting my summer clothes away.  I am keeping a small amount of my summer clothes in my closet still because by using layers you can often still wear more clothes in your closet than you think.

I live in Minneapolis, which as you can imagine gets pretty cold in the winter.  I have had to learn pretty cleaver ways to stay warm and cute.  I also have worked for years as a visual merchandiser and a merchandiser in fashion.  Anyone who has worked in the industry knows it's all about the layers.  So given my background I am all about the layers.  Here's my guide how to use them to extend your wardrobe further into the season

Sweater coat over a dress
Layers on Top: Cardigans, Sweater Coats, Ponchos, Scarfs, Open Knit Tops, and Shrugs.  You can still wear tank tops and sleeveless tops and summer dresses with any of the above.  As long as it's not to stylistically summer looking.  For example a simple black sleeveless top could be work with a black fur shrug. You could even wear a top over a dress
Wear a top over a dress
 Layers on Bottom: Tights, Leg Warmers, Knee High Boots, Knee High Socks, and Leggings.  You can still wear dresses, skirts, pumps, and even shorts.  I love the idea of wearing leg warmers  under knee length boots and over tights.  The image before is from Falling Stiches and here is where you can find a free pattern to DIY one yourself.  When it gets seriously cold you can even wear leggings underneath pants.  I also think knee highs with heels are really cute.

knee highs and tights with a jacket could easily be a summer dress

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