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tights from les-queues-de-sardines

I am having a tights love affair at the moment, so I am loving the idea of embellishing and drawing/printing my own tights.  I got the inspiration from these tights pictured above.  Free draw with a sharpie?  Oh the fun I will have.  I love the idea of tattoo patterned tights like was featured in Nylon Magazine. 

Or you could try to make these faux lace thigh highs I found on Etsy (I so am).  I'll post a tutorial when I do, what I would do is buy thigh highs and nude stocking and then join the thigh highs together with the tights using a zig-zag stitch.

from IHeartNorweiganWood via Etsy

Tutorial how to embellish tights with beads from This is Weeny
cloudy pearl tights Tutorial from TwentyThirty Forty.  These would be cute even just tie dyed.

cut out tights tutorial from Six Six Six via Haute Hapa
Tutorial for these tights from Cocorsoa
If you don't want to DIY you can can buy some on Etsy or Bebaroque.

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  1. DIY tights sounds like something fun to do and make with your friends, although I don't think I would trust myself to do a good enough job to wear them!


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