DIY Embellished Knee Highs Tutorials and Ideas

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Tutorial from Dear Lizzy
I have a tights, knee high, and legging obsession.  I have a drawer for just my tights and a whole drawer dedicated just for my knee and thigh high socks.  As a result I have a lot of tights that have whole in it.  Why not turn them into knee highs and embellish them with sequins like Miu Miu did.  You could also buy cheap nylons at your local drugstore as pictured below and add sequins to it like I plan to do. Or you could add ruffles to the top like Dear Lizzy did (above photo), or lace trim (below photo).

Tutorial From Oops I Craft My Pants (love the name)
I would recommend sewing the lace on like the above tutorial rather than gluing it on as in the tutorial from Alisa Burke below.  Because my experience is fabric glue only holds temporarily, it really doesn't hold up to normal washing and drying for long.
Tutorial From Alisa Burke
Tutorial for Miu Miu Knee High Socks from Crochet Clouds

Original Miu Miu Socks in Black and Nude?
I would plan to be careful to keep the color pallet neutral or monochromatic Some of the DIY examples I've seen I think would have been better if they had tried this.  Below is one example I think is good with black.
from Teen Vogue

From This is Glamourous
I think I will buy some nylon socks (like the above photo) and add ruffles in nude on top and clear sequins.  I also think a pair with lace poking out of the tops of boots is really cute and will have to make.  I'll post when I make them!

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