DIY Faux Fur Booties, Vest, and Headband

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Fur headband tutorial by Marly Made
I have been transitioning to my winter wardrobe here in MN and it has me dreaming of fur.  Nothing says winter like fur (faux of course)!  Instead of buy a whole new winter wardrobe I plan on making a lot of fur accessories to spice up the usual boring wardrobe of jeans, boots, and sweaters.  I did a post recently on some cool tutorials I have found online that I plan to do.  I found so many that I decided to split it up into two post.  You can see Part 1 DIY Fur collars, scarves, and neck warmers.

All of the tutorials in this post are super easy and do not require a sewing machine.  Only the one  that requires any sewing is the post above is a tutorial for a fur headband (which is really an ear warmer) from Marly Made.  It just requires a little hand sewing.  It looks super easy and cute.  It would make a great gift too.  All you need is a small strip of faux fur, elastic, and thread and a needle.

Fur Bootie Tutorial from PS I Made This

 I am totally crushing on just about every tutorial Erica Domesek of PS I Made This has done.  This one is truly brilliant.  With  just a glue gun, some fur and some old socks you can turn any boot you have into a fur boot.  Knee high boot or ankle boot it doesn't matter.  Below is a tutorial on how to make a no sew fur vest in just minutes.  Below is a video of Erica Domesek showing how to make this fur vest.

PS I Made This
tutorial from Love Megan

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