How to Make Paper Flowers, Tissue Flowers Tutorial

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I made a ton of these tissue flowers as centerpieces for my husband and I's reception.  We just used dollar store vases and glass jars and let people take them home as a favor.  I haven't made any since then but I wanted to add an accent color of blue into or living room and thought this would be a great way.  It's super easy!  For the ones I did for my reception I used one pastel tissue paper and 2 sheets of white tissue paper, this helped to create variation in color which made it look more realistic.   I tried this method with the blue used in this tutorial and it did not look good, so I opted to not use white in this project and only suggest it with pastel colors.  Click here too see one I made for our reception with one sheet of yellow and 2 sheets of white.

Materials You Will Need
3-4 tissue papers 20"x20" (will make 4 flowers)
long twist ties (I got mine at the dollar store during gardening season)
sharp scissors

lay the tissues down flat and smooth out (if your using white and pastels alternate the colors), and lay on top of each other. 
fold accordian style, about 1/2 inch.
cut into 4 pieces (this pic, cut in half and then half again)
cut the twist tie to twice the desired length and wrap the twist tie around and cut the ends in a rounded shape
spread out the folds

pull each layer apart towards the center till you are satisfied with the look
twist the steam until you are satisfied with the length
You are Done!

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