Nick Offerman AKA Ron Swanson (TV Show Parks and Rec) is a Professional Woodworker in Real Life!

3:59 PM

Amy Poehler and Nick Offerman on Parks and Rec
I was currently browsing through the magazine Fine Woodworking and saw a picture of Ron Swanson a character from the NBC comedy Parks and Rec.  That sparked my interest and of course I read the article Level Big slabs of Wood In No Time Flat.  It was written by Nick Offerman who I love on Parks and Rec.  His character Ron Swanson is hilarious.  He is a libertarian, outdoorsy, woodworking, meat loving, government employee who hates government.  So to find out he is a professional wood worker in real life was very interesting to me.  He even makes canoes (he shot a DVD about how to make one)!  I wonder if he makes flutes too (his character did in one episode)! 

His jig is a bit over my head since I'm only a beginner.  It looks really cool though.  I hope to try it some day.  You can see his free plans for his router jig here.

See how he turns stumps into cool side tables
                                                You can see a video of his workshop below

Here him talk about his woodworking and the article on Letterman

For more info about Nick's work check out his website

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