Nick Offerman AKA Ron Swanson (TV Show Parks and Rec) is a Professional Woodworker in Real Life!

3:59 PM

Amy Poehler and Nick Offerman on Parks and Rec
I was currently browsing through the magazine Fine Woodworking and saw a picture of Ron Swanson a character from the NBC comedy Parks and Rec.  That sparked my interest and of course I read the article Level Big slabs of Wood In No Time Flat.  It was written by Nick Offerman who I love on Parks and Rec.  His character Ron Swanson is hilarious.  He is a libertarian, outdoorsy, woodworking, meat loving, government employee who hates government.  So to find out he is a professional wood worker in real life was very interesting to me.  He even makes canoes (he shot a DVD about how to make one)!  I wonder if he makes flutes too (his character did in one episode)! 

His jig is a bit over my head since I'm only a beginner.  It looks really cool though.  I hope to try it some day.  You can see his free plans for his router jig here.

See how he turns stumps into cool side tables
                                                You can see a video of his workshop below

Here him talk about his woodworking and the article on Letterman

For more info about Nick's work check out his website

Update July 2018
Nick Offerman and Amy Poehler (aka Leslie Knope on Parks and Rec) are starring on NBC's new show "Making It" a craft competition.  

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