Craft and Sewing Room Storage Ideas

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When I think of a craft or sewing room I want it to look pretty, be organized, and small space efficient.   Here are some of the best ideas I found online.

I think I found a much easier idea for storing my trims and ribbons than my last post.  I found this at creating keepsakes  this is perfect as I already have rolling racks in my studio and an extra pant hanger.  Brilliant, why didn't I think of that?  What's great about this idea is I already have garment racks with garment bags in my studio, so i can just put my ribbons in a garment bag and not have to worry about my cat getting into it.

O Hello Friend
I also found this great idea for hanging jars on the wall from O Hello Friend.  I love that by having it on the wall your getting more surface space.  I currently have all my notions in a storage container designed for screws and nuts on top of a file cabinet that houses my patterns I've made and bought (including a cool collection of vintage patterns).

If your working on a low budget Older and Wiser has some great ideas for creating a craft or storage room with next to nothing. 

Check out New Mexico State University guide for designing a sewing room for more ideas. 
Design Mom uses letter sorters on the wall for fabric storage genius!

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  1. I have searched everywhere for the sorter and emailed design mom and never heard back. ANY IDEA where these letter sorters are from?

    1. I did a quick search online for wall mounted letter sorters and most would not work well for a lot of fabric. I bet it would be easier and cheaper to make your own than to look all over the place for one. That's one of my favorite things about being crafty you can make anything you can dream of!

      I'm thinking you could probably make one with metal loops made from wire (you'll need pliers and wire cutter tools too) and two pieces of fabric both backed by interfacing (one longer than the other remember you can always cut it shorter later), and a ribbon for hanging it up.

      I would start by sewing one end together as a seam and finish the edges of both pieces of fabric or use pinking shears. Use one piece of fabric as a back and the longer piece to connector the wire to the back. I would then do two rows of top stitching 1/4 to a 1/2 inch apart (enough space for the wire to go through easily where you want the wire to go through. After you finish making all your top stitching, put the wire through and form it into a loop and secure it by using needle nose pliers to wrap it around. I would place the spot thats wraped around into the top stitching rows so they're not visible. You might want to hand stitch it in place too. Then I would cut off any extra length of the long piece that doesn't match the top of the back. If you dont use pinking sheers to cut make sure to leave enough at the top to fold over and top stitch with the ribbon as a loop (to hang in between). If you used pinking sheers to finish just tack the ribbon in place.

      I can't guarantee this will work, because I've never tried it (I just made it up right now), but it's what I would try. I don't know if the metal loops will be stable enough to hold it up, but if it's not you could pin it in place to the back. Let me know if you have any more questions about my ideal of how to recreate the letter sorter. I know it's likely to sound confusing. Hope this helps! Thanks for your comment. It's nice to get feedback and now that I help give someone a good ideal.

    2. Hi, Thanks for sharing; I have been using these slacks hangars for about 15 years to stash my ribbon rolls, I even made some plastic covers with lace as dust covers. I also use my DH old gun rack and repainted, put dowels on, and made some cute polyclay knob for a small drawer. Works great too...

  2. I have been using those slacks hangers for some 15 years or so; so tickled to see someone else using too. I do love them and they are in addition to my DH old gun holder with dowels across too. Gives me plenty of room to store the many spools of them..I had to paint and then made some cute polyclay knobs for the small draw too...Thanks for sharing your photos


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