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I am just starting to learn how to knit.  I am taking a class and we are learning how to make mittens.  I have been using online resources to help me in between class, so I thought I'd share all the cool sites I found for knitting here, enjoy!

Learning How to Knit

Cast on (how to start your project)
Long tail method video
Article: long tail, cable, and slip knot

Bind Off (how to finish your project)

Check out this video to see how to bind off (2 min)

Knit Stitch 
Knit stitch (contiential style) video
Lion Brand has a great article on the knit stitch with drawings and a video

Purl Stitch 
Lion Brand video and article Purl Stitch
Article on Purl stitch with very helpful pictures
image by erasofcharm

Great tutorial on different types of ribbing (K2P2, corrugated, twisted rib, etc)

Increasing and Decreasing
tutorial from knitty on increasing and decreasing
how to decrease evenly, a free calculator

video: decreasing stitches

You can buy these buttons on Etsy here.

Knitting Patterns

knitting abbreviations


How to measure gauge

image credit


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