Free One Skein Cowl Knitting Pattern

I just started to learn how to knit and decided I wanted to make a cowl.  The only problem is I couldn't find a pattern that I liked to use. I wanted it skinny enough to easily fit under my jacket and long enough that I could use it to cover my mouth if it gets really cold (I do live in Minnesota).   I also couldn't find a pattern that didn't use circular needles.  I don't know how to use circular needles yet, so I chose to join them together instead.  You could definitely alter this pattern to be made on circular needles if you wish.  I think it would have turned out nicer that way.

I basically came up with the ideal for this last year, I just didn't know how to knit yet.  I just felt like my scarfs last year were a bit too bundled up looking.  Let's just say in MN when your happy that it's a warm day because it's in the single digits (yes you heard me right), you feel less than glamourous.  All you care about is being warm.  But hey it's nice to be cute and warm right?

I used the seed stitch for this pattern because it's not to hard for a newbie like me and it creates a great texture. The finished cowl measures 14 inches long and 9 and a 1/2 inches long.  I would have preferred it to be just a little shorter and wider.   Maybe like 12 inches by 11 inches.  I think if I had cast on 37 stitches instead of 43 it would have been closer to these dimensions, so I altered the pattern to reflect these changes so the finished dimension of the pattern should be 12-13 inches by 10-11 inches.  

K - knit
P - purl
CO- cast on

Cast on 37 sts
Row 1: K1, P1....repeat  ending on K
Row 2-until desired length K1, P1....repeat  ending on K, (make sure to purl into knits, and knit into purls).
Once reached desired length join with kitchener stitch loosely following the directions given by Trickster Knitter for joining seed (moss) stitch)

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  1. I had a heck of a time trying to understand how to make the kitchener stitch work for connecting a live row to a dead row. But aside from that, I'm really pleased with the results of this pattern. I went with the 43 stitch rows since I have a long neck and wanted a cowl that would have a lot of bulk when scrunched up - and that's exactly what I got. What type of cast-on method did you use? Thank-you!

    1. I'm still learning the kitchener stitch too. I'm glad you liked my pattern. Believe it or not, this was my very first knitting project ever. And yes I am crazy enough to make up a pattern while learning knitting! I actually liked using the 43 stitches to cast on, the problem was that I came up short with the width of what i wanted and I wanted to make it a one skein pattern. I used the long tail method to cast on, since that's what my teacher taught me to do (I was taking a class while I developed this pattern). Hope this helps!


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