Cat Hoodie Tutorial: Make your Cat a Coat This Winter

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Mr cat gets to go outside about 1-2 times a month (only while supervised) and he loves to be outside.  Last winter he actually didn't want to go outside once because he was too cold.  So this year I thought it would be cool to make him a jacket and keep him warm (since we live in MN).

I made it black and white just like him and it uses velcro (no sew) as the closures around his neck and tummy.  And I stuffed it with polyester fiber fill so it's really more like a parka.  I used fabric for the outer layer from a skirt I made that was too small (that's where the seem in the picture above came from), and I used an old knit sheet for the lining.

 It's easy to get on and off of him and he doesn't seem to mind it (until he wants to groom himself).  He seemed to like putting his hoodie on more than his harness. I would not put sleeves on it.  I think it would be too hard to get on and off your cat and they would grow to dislike their coat as a result.
Check out over 50 pictures of cats in hoodies. I laughed so hard.  This one looks like my cat.
I started it last year and I didn't take pictures, so this is a partial tutorial, (I will post a scanned image of the hood pattern I made once I get some scanner computer software issues fixed).  I also realized after making it that I would have done my steps in a more effective order, so some of the pictures might not reflect the steps as described. 

1. Make the Pattern
I created the pattern for this myself by guessing and draping.  This was probably the most difficult draping I have ever done, since a cat doesn't sit still for you.  I had a hoodie with a detachable hood that I used as a guide for the hood and shrunk it.  I used his collar as a guide for the neck length.  I initially made the neck closure to big and it was actually uncomfortable for him and didn't fit well.  I made a pattern for the hood, but draped the rest and I didn't copy a pattern for the body.  So I thought I would scan the hood pattern I made to give you a guide to start with.  I will post soon.

2. Cut the Fabric
 Cut two of each pattern piece, one for the lining and one for the outer layer.  There should be 4 pieces of fabric for the hood (2 for the outer and 2 for the lining), 2 for the jacket body (1 for the outer and 1 for the lining), 2 for the strap over the tummy using the outer fabric 5" X 4.5" (1 for the left side and one for the right).

3. The Hood
I started with the hood that has 4 pieces (2 black and two for the white lining).  sew them together right sides together and then under stitch around the front of the hood. finish the edge of where you will attach to the body by serging or using zigzag.

4. Sew the Body Pieces together 
Sew with right sides together leaving an opening on both sides (where you will attach the left and right straps).

5. Under stitch Around the Body except for the left and right sides opening.

6. Attach the Hood
7. Attach Velcro to the Neck Flaps
You can use no sew velcro and attach as pictured below
8.Test on Your cat to make Sure the Neck Fits (mine didn't and I had to re-do it)

9. Finish the Edges of the Tummy Straps
Clip the edges and Zig zag or serge around the edges of the 2 tummy strap pieces.  Then fold under about 1/4 inch and sew close to the edge.

10. Stuff The body with Fiber Fill (using your open spots)
Make sure to position the fiber fill evenly. 
11. Attach the Tummy Straps 
Position the straps into the openings (on the left and right side of the body piece) and pin in place.  Start about 1" back where you under stitched before, back stitch and continue under stitching the tummy straps into place matching the new stitching to the previous under stitching, and then back stitch for about an 1".   Do so for both sides.  If your still not sure how to do this check out this eHow article (the repair a ripped seam on a sewing machine).

12.  Test out on your cat for a fitting before finishing 
You want to make sure the tummy straps are the right size for your cat.  You will be putting velcro on both straps to secure so also pay attention to about where you want to place the velcro.

13.  Attach the Velcro to the Tummy Straps
I used two strips per flap to make it easier to fit Mr Cat.  I used no sew velcro that can be purchased at Target or your local drug store.

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