Origami Fabric Jewlery New Trend

12:31 PM

Today is the first day that has a slight chill in the air and it's getting me thinking about fall.  After finding this amazing jewelry designer Homako who uses fabric and origami to create beautiful jewelry I am thinking of making a fabric necklace meets scarf.

metal origami Wendy Hacker-Moss

  I have always wanted to make jewelry I have played around with it for awhile but was discouraged when I was a manager for a teen fashion store, since their jewelry was cheaper after my discount than purchasing supplies are.  Supplies for jewelry can be expensive!  I always thought about making my own beads in clay or another material to cut down on costs and make it more custom in the back of my mind but that's where it has stayed.  But I never thought of using fabric and sewing to make jewelry, that's right up my alley!  This has lead me on a search for origami jewelry ideas that have blown me away.  So the question is fabric or crochet necklace meets scarf for fall?  Hmm...I guess we will see what I come up with until then.....here's my favs.

Kapow Wow

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