Comfy Shoes with Goodies From the Dollar Store, Cute Custom DIY Insoles and More!

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Check out how to create custom fabric covered insoles from Pearls and Scissors

Like any girl I love shoes!  I have enough shoes to be embarrassed to say how many.  However I only wear a few because most are way to uncomfortable to wear for long walking, and living in the city I walk a lot.  The worst is in the summer when I want to wear skirts, shorts, and crops without socks.  My feet are always torn up from even from short walks wearing flats.  Until I discovered the wonders of insoles and heel cushions.  Oh my does that make a difference!

These shoes tore up my heels before adding heel cushions, now they're as comfy as slippers!

 The flats pictured above actually tore up my heels after a short walk.  Despite the fact one would assume open toe flats would be super comfy.  After noticing heel cushions at the dollar store (Dollar Tree) I figured I'd try it with these shoes.  "Hey what have I got to loose,? A dollar?"  So I cautiously went for a short walk with my new heel grippers in my ballet flats (pictured above), and I had no problems.  I ventured for further and further walks, still no problems.  I even have gone on walks for several miles and still my heels are fine!  I recently noticed that the soles of these shoes feel less than substantial and wondered if an insole would help make my new now comfy shoes even better.  Of course I went back to Dollar Tree and I found trimmable memory foam insoles that I added to my cute open toe flats(pictured above with booth the heel grippers and insole).  I love them!  My shoes now are seriously as comfy as slippers!

Eventually the glue on my heel grippers started to fall off.  I also had problems with the new insoles I had put in my shoes falling out.  So I decided to try to glue it to my shoes (since I am perfectly fine with them permanently being attached to my shoe).  I used a general purpose non-toxic super glue we had lying around the house and some tiny clamps I had for wood working.  It worked great except my shoes did have slight indents from the clamps, so I would suggest instead using little chip clips or putting your feet into the shoes with socks on that you don't care about (make sure if you do this you are wearing socks so that you don't glue your feet to your shoes!)until the glue dries.  If only I had noticed these cute fabric covered insole tutorials like this one from Gross Grain and this one from Pearls and Scissors before I had glued my new insoles in.  
custom fabric insoles tutorial from Gross Grain
Below are some products you can find at your local Dollar tree to help make your shoes more comfy, keep in mind this is just what they show online (that I assume every store has), while your local store is likely to have these items and more.

Heel Liners are great if your shoes are a 1/2 size to big, and are rubbing against your heel.
Premier Heel Grippers at Dollar Tree $1
Gel Dots are great if you have a small area that is rubbing your skin and irritating or cutting into your skin.

At Dollar Tree for $1 great to put anywhere you have problems with irritation from rubbing
If you have problems with your feet slipping check out these no slip ball of foot cushions at Dollar Tree. 
Premier no slip ball of foot cushions $1 at Dollar Tree

They also have gel ball cushions which are great for re-leaving pressure at the ball of the foot (usually from high heels).

Ball of feet cushion $1at Dollar Tree
If your soles aren't very substantial, or if your on your feet for long periods of time you might need a little more cushion in your shoe with an insole. The ones at the dollar store are pretty decent if you just need a little extra comfort, if you need to walk for miles or are on your feet all day at work, you might want more serious insoles you can find a large variety at Target, Walgreen’s, CVS, etc.  I bought some at Target years ago I forget the brand but they are great.  I wore a pair of boots for a long walk and after ward my feet were achy sore, after I tried the heavy duty insoles I got from Target I had no problem walking a couple miles in my boots.  So I was glad I got the extra nice ones for my boots.

 As I said before I got some insoles that were memory foam from the dollar store for my brown open toe flats pictured above not because my feet hurt, but just because the soles felt flimsy.   After I put my $1 insoles in them they were super comfy! 

Insoles $1 at Dollar Tree

While I'd suggest trying products at your local dollar store first, since you don't have much to lose if it doesn't work.  But if that doesn't work have no fear there is a vast amount of products at many stores from Walgreen’s, to Target, to Payless and the mall.
The Shoe Doctor has some good advice about brands of shoe comfy goodies (non dollar store) ©Oh You Crafty Gal! All rights reserved.

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  1. I was looking to solve the problem my wife was having with her heel of her right foot( it was operated some years ago) .So she cant wear the beautiful traditional Indian hard leather sandlals ( kolhapuri chappals). Some effective cushioning is a must in her case. For now i have got the insole at the heel area and also rubber sole at the heels. This has solved her problem to a large degree.

    I came looking for new ideas here and have found your write up very useful .Thanks a lot for sharing. Its so nice to see people share information that others can benefit from. Thanks again

    (New Delhi, India)


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