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Handmade Scarfs like the Brixton 

I've been having fun learning how to knit as you know if you follow this blog and I just wanted to share with you that I decided to start my Etsy shop Ornute to showcase these items and more.  After working in fashion for years I know starting anything just before Christmas (especially online) is not the best ideal, but I couldn't resist.  I'm having so much fun knitting I just wanted to share it with everyone.
 I have a degree in fashion design, interned with designer Daryl K, and started my clothing line Ornute  shortly after.  It was sold in a boutique, which was fun but I could tell this would not be a very sustainable business model.  I stopped doing my clothing line to continue my education through a scholarship (can't turn down a free education!).  I always dreamed of starting my clothing line up again here in Minneapolis, but was disappointed when I learned through my research that it  wasn't a scaleable business model, because there is hardly any manufacturing in the USA anymore ( a great reminder to shop made in the USA).  Meaning it would be hard to find anyone to manufacture my line with small orders and therefore nearly impossible to grow beyond a very small business.  Also retail is a very brutal industry.

I've since realized that I can still have my own clothing line, just with the business model of an artist instead of a huge RTW (ready to wear) collection in stores.  I think this model will fit my lifestyle very well and gives me the freedom to create as much or as little as I desire.  My plan right now is just to make small collections for myself of what I really want to wear and to put in my Etsy shop as made to order.   My first collection will be this spring.  So look for that to come in March and  right now you can find all kind of fun hand knitted items in my store.  Here's what's in my shop so far, tell me what you think.  I love your feed back!

Hand knitted and crochet hats like The Kensington Hat pictured here

I made these white lace knee high boot socks to transition from winter to spring (they would be great for fall too!).

Hand knitted boot cuffs ©Oh You Crafty Gal! All rights reserved.

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