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Image found on Wedding Bee forum
This head band would be an easy DIY you could just hot glue an old necklace to a ribbon
Summer is a great time to put your hair up and show a little bling!   I often buy great classic pieces that fit well, but that does get boring. My solution is to spice up my wardrobe with accessories.  The one accessory often neglected is hair accessories.  I thought what cooler way to dress up a look than by using jewelery you already have (or find at estate sales, thrift stores etc), and use it in your hair?

 It's a great way to make a boring ponytail or simple up do really shine (maybe literally depending on how your hair accessory turns out!).  I searched high and low for good ideals on DIY hair jewelery and thought I'd share the best I found.  There were some I found that while I'm sure a lot of people would like it, I know I would feel uncomfortable and self conscious wearing it.  I don't mind drawing attention to myself  but only when I feel I look damn good.  Not when I'm not so sure about something.....  with that said the examples I will show you are pretty everyday wearable that will turn heads in a good way!

I found a designer on Etsy Lottie DaDesigns that does really pretty headpieces using jewelery, mostly for weddings but I say hey why can't a girl feel pretty every day?  Just make it a little understated.  I don't think this Lottie DaDesigns headpiece would be hard to DIY it would just be finding the right piece of jewelry to use that would be hard.

$54 on Etsy by Lottie DaDesigns

Vintage Valley is rocking the necklace in hair trend.
I believe you could secure a necklace in your hair with bobby pins but if you could turn it into a headband with an elastic band, I would think it would be more secure.  The TV show Mirror Mirror had some good suggestions about how to secure a necklace into your hair and to make a hair clip with a bracelet and velcro.  Here is the suggestions of stylist David Armendariz:

Long Necklace Head Band
  • Tease the top of your hair from the bang area to the crown.
  • Pull hair back into a loose, low ponytail.
  • Lightly lift hair at the crown for more height with the end of a comb.
  • Wrap the ponytail into a loose bun and secure it.
  • Grab a long necklace and lay it across your head near the bang area.
  • Extend the rest of the length of the necklace back toward the bottom of the bun.
  • Cross the sides of the necklace under the bun and loop it on top of the bun.
  • Secure the necklace with bobby pins.

Statement Bracelet Hair Clip
  • Start with hair in a French twist or similar up 'do.
  • Grab a statement bracelet, hair clip and some Velcro circles from a craft or hardware store.
  • Apply the sticky Velcro circles to each end of the bracelet (use the soft side of the Velcro against the bracelet so you can comfortably wear the bracelet again)
  • Stick the hair clip to the nubby side of the Velcro.
  • Fasten the new bracelet hair clip to the side of your French twist and secure with bobby pins if needed.

$95 by Fine and Fleurie 
I love this headband you could DIY something similar using the following tutorial and materials similar to this instead.
Check out the full tutorial at A Spotted Pony
Check out the Seventeen Magazine video below about how to DIY the headband they did for Taylor Shifts Photo shoot.  I like it in the shoot, but the blue flower one they did in the video wasn't that cute.  I'm thinking it might be cuter using an antique brooch instead.

 DIY Headbands: Seventeen Mag

Love Megan has a great tutorial about how to make a chain headpiece out of a stretch comb head band.  I love this ideal!  The style segment also has a great how to on making your own chain headband below.

DIY Headband  Chain at Love Megan
                                                 DIY Head chain: style segment (3 min)

from Hot by Night
I plan to start collecting brooches at estate sales and flea markets to make clips and bobby pins with it.
Once Wed created and up do from A Cup Of Joe and used brooches with pins to create this pretty do pictured below.  And The Beauty Department they said to make there brooch clips they " Used “Gorilla Glue” + a bobby pin or metal clip. Attach and let it sit overnight."
from Once Wed
From The Beauty Department
The possibilities are endless...I'll never look at my old jewelry and jewelery at thrift stores, estate sales, and flea markets the same! ©Oh You Crafty Gal! 2011-2012 All rights reserved. 

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  1. These are beautiful pieces Julia! I would like to ask the instructor of Dragonfly Designs ( to teach these to kids and teens with reference to your beautiful blog of course! They teach kids and teens how to make jewelry to develop their fine motor skills (kids) and multitasking and complex decision making (teens) :) Thanks for this blog! You will definitely make kids smile when they see this blog!


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