Spring Fashion Obsession: Lace Crochet and Knitted Socks Layered with Tights

6:57 PM

My Inspiration: from analogue me  I would love to wear these with bright colored tights and nude pumps!
Every season I try to think of something new to add to my wardrobe that will help transition the seasons and liven up my wardrobe.  If you follow this blog you've probably noticed I'm a bit obsesed with hosiery.  This season what I really want is crochet and lace knitted socks. I love the idea of using color and layering with tights, lace knee highs and thigh highs, with pumps for spring.  It's sexy, funky, and you can still be warm on a cold spring day even though you put all your winter stuff away.  Living in MN, I can only assume I'll be faced with at least a few of these days!

I've been wanting to learn how to crochet and knit for awhile.  Something tells me I won't learn by spring, so I'll probably buy some, but I looked for some good patterns and examples for y'all.  Let me know if you know of any other cool patterns. 
Love the color and pattern of this one from the Royal Sisters
I love the color on this one!
tutorial from fabienne
knitted sock free tutorial from Knitty by Cookie (maybe you could make it into a knee high?)

You can buy this knited knee high sock pattern at Stitch Diva Studios
You can buy this knitted and crochet sock pattern from Tangled

If your following our sewing school series, I'll post a new lesson next week.  Until then I'll be shopping for socks....

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  1. All pairs of hand knitted socks are really very amazing. all pairs have net designs which is my favorite. I will also want to try to knit these types of socks. Thanks for sharing these beautiful designs.


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