DIY Lace Earring Holder Frame

4:59 PM

Love this Lace Earring holder made by H is for Handmade.  I have been trying to find interesting ways to get my jewelry out of my jewelry box and into the light so I can easily see what I have.  It makes putting looks together so much easier, plus I actually wear my jewelry then.  I used a tie rack in my closet to hang up my necklaces, perhaps this will find it's way into my closet as well.  I also have a picture frame on the wall with hidden jewelry storage, and use suction cup hooks on the back of our medicine cabinet (which occasionally fall down) for earrings.  I think this looks like something from Anthropology.  I would probably use a silver spray paint to the frame when I make my version.  You can see the full tutorial here at H is for Handmade

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  1. Great use for leftover small pieces of lace...I have so many scraps of fabric and such that I can NOT bear to throw away that now my husband, who is VERY supportive of my creative adventures, rolls his eyes everytime I touch a new piece of fabric.


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